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Music Help and All that Jazz...

Ok, SERIOUS problem. I've been looking for music for my Song as Theater class so that I have something to work on in class. I'm spending a lot of time choosing music to learn over this semester, so I've got some points to make. I'm really trying to stretch myself so don't be afraid to choose something that may be a little higher than usual.

1. Song from an obscure musical
2. Up-tempo

... and it doesn't have to be from the past 25 years, but that's what I would prefer. It's been harder for people to help me find things if I limit to recent musicals, but I would like to sing something that suits my voice.

Does anyone know any songs that I could sing from:

Bright Lights, Big City
Kiss of the Spiderwoman

Don't limit yourselves to those scores, but I was just wondering if there are any hidden treasures in those scores.

I would appreciate any suggestions!!
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